Top 5 hidden features on iPhone: Know how to efficiently use your smartphone

Photo Credit: HT Tech

Check out the 5 iPhone hidden features to efficiently use your smartphone.

Photo Credit: HT Tech

Apple iPhone has a very different ecosystem and user interface in comparison to Android devices.

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While Apple is very swift and easy to use, it comes with some useful features which are hidden and not discovered by many users.

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To help you make effective use of your iPhone, check out these top 5 hidden features.

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Share contact poster: With this feature, users can add shareable pictures and custom fonts of contacts. Go to Contacts profile picture  Contact Poster and Photo enable share option.

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Manage battery charge: Go to Settings Battery Battery Health & charging Charging optimisation Enable the 80% limit.

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iPhone One-hand mode: Users can easily activate one-handed mode by swiping down from the bottom edge of the screen.

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Enable Face-ID for third-party apps: Go to Settings FaceID and Passcode Other Apps enable Face-ID for preferred apps.

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Call Quietly: This is a useful feature if you want to call your emergency contact. Go to  Settings Emergency SOS enable the feature.

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