Solar eclipse 2024: NASA lists 6 essential precautions for skywatchers

Purchase solar eclipse glasses from verified suppliers listed on the American Astronomical Society's website to ensure safety and compliance with international standards (ISO 12312-2).

Solar eclipse glasses are essential for viewing the sun during partial coverage, especially during the April 8 eclipse in North America.

Prepare for eclipse viewing in remote areas with limited facilities by bringing supplies like fuel, food, water, cash, and toilet paper.

April weather can vary, from snow in the Northeast to tornadoes in the Midwest, making conditions challenging, particularly in remote regions.

Exercise caution when viewing the eclipse from city sidewalks to avoid hazards, and choose open spaces or parks for the best viewing experience.

Last-minute relocation for clear weather should be done cautiously, with multiple backup plans and monitoring of traffic conditions using apps like Google Maps.

Major cities within the eclipse's path include Mazatlán, Torreón, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Indianapolis, Hamilton, and Montreal.

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