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Massive Fraud: 2 people in Bengaluru lose over Rs. 1.24 crore this new scam

Basavaraju G.E. lost Rs. 72 lakh to cyber criminals promising a free credit card from a leading private bank.

South Division Cyber Crime police registered a case under the IT Act, 2000, for impersonation and cheating.

Another victim, Satish Shetty, lost Rs. 52.6 lakh to cyber criminals offering a cash reward of Rs. 1.04 crore.

Shetty paid instalments from March 11 to April 16, realising he had been cheated.

He received messages claiming he won a cash prize from a private firm through a scratch card.

Advised to pay TDS, GST, CGST, and International GST totalling Rs. 25 lakh, then another Rs. 26 lakh.

Cyber crime police warn against entertaining messages offering freebies, urging caution and seeking advice before transferring money.

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