iPhone tips: 5 mistakes you must stop doing to save battery life

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Check out these 5 tips to improve your iPhone battery life and see how it lasts for hours.

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With each passing day, our dependency on smartphones is growing significantly.

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However, during heavy usage of smartphones, the battery runs out very quickly.

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Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, here are some tips to improve your battery life.

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Activate the low power mode from iPhone settings. This feature will activate when the battery comes to 20 percent.

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Turn off the Location service by going to Settings Privacy & Security Location Services

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Turn off your proximity Airdrop sharing as frequent activation could drain the battery drastically.

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Use offline maps when on long journeys as turning off the data and WiFi will help you save some percentage.

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Turn off Always-On-Display as it drains the battery very quickly.

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