5 stellar images of stars captured by NASA Hubble Telescope

Photo Credit: NASA

The Hubble Space Telescope is run by NASA and ESA in collaboration.

Photo Credit: NASA

Launched in 1990, the space telescope has helped us unearth the mysteries of space, and it still remains in operation today.

Photo Credit: NASA

Check out these 5 stellar images of stars captured by NASA Hubble Telescope.

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble/NASA/Jesús Maíz Apellániz

1. This image shows an open star cluster Trumpler 16 which is said to be home to some of the brightest stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble/NASA/J. C. Tan/R. Fedriani

2. This snapshot is of stellar nursery AFGL 5180, located in the constellation Gemini.

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble/NASA/R. Cohen

3. This image shows the globular star cluster Terzan 4 which is located towards the constellation Sagittarius.

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble/NASA

4. This stellar snapshot shows a young star IRAS 14568-6304 surrounded by dust and golden haze.

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble/NASA

5. Hubble captured this image of WR 124 surrounded by the M1-67 nebula located towards the constellation Sagitta.

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