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Samsung leaks the Galaxy Buds FE by posting their user manual

There has been a lot of smoke around the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, but the company may have accidentally confirmed the existence of the wireless headphones by posting what appears to be their official user manual, as reported by WinFuture. The PDF is currently available at this link on Samsung’s website, but in case that gets taken down, I’ve embedded the PDF at the bottom of this article.

Looking inside the manual, the earbuds appear to take design some cues from other Samsung headphones, with features such as touchpads and attachable wingtips. Those features and design aren’t too surprising given the FE moniker, as Samsung typically uses FE for products that offer many features of its higher-end products at a lower price. (See: last year’s Galaxy S21 FE.)

The manual also includes a look at the charging case, which looks like, well, an earbuds charging case.

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Again, Samsung hasn’t officially revealed these headphones yet, so we don’t know when they might be available to buy. But given that this manual has leaked in full already, it seems like they might be imminent.

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