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Amazon is merging the Comixology app with Kindle

Beginning in December, the Comixology app won’t work anymore — you’ll have to read your comics in Amazon’s Kindle app instead. Amazon announced that the apps will merge on December 4th, meaning that, from that point on, “you can continue to access your Comixology comics, graphic novels, and manga titles in the Kindle app,” the company says in a support document.

You will need to download any Comixology books you were reading into the Kindle app, but Amazon says that any progress in a book you read in Comixology will automatically sync over to Kindle. You can also continue to buy comics from Amazon’s Comixology section on its store. But after December 4th, you won’t be able to read comics in the Comixology app anymore.

In an email, Amazon outlined some improvements to the Kindle app intended to make it better suited to comics. There’s a “Comics & Magna” filter for your library to more easily see all of the comics and manga that you own. The app will group together issues, volumes, and omnibuses from the same series. You can also hide and unhide specific books — and any books you had set to hidden in the Comixology app will be hidden in Kindle. Comixology also shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) about how you can use the Kindle app for comics.

Amazon announced that it would be acquiring Comixology in 2014, and for a long time, it pretty much left the service alone. But last year, it redesigned the Comixology app and started a messy merger of Comixology and Kindle that my colleague Alex Cranz described as “a hell I’d like to escape.” Even though Amazon did commit to fixing Comixology, sadly, very soon, the Comixology app won’t work at all.

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